16mm Microfilming Services

Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd have been a affiliated Kodak Document Conversion Centre since 1993 and can archive documents onto 16mm Microfilm via the latest digital document scanners and the Kodak archive writer. This procedure gives Microfilm images with up to 500 years of archival permanence.

This is the ultimate archiving media but of course access to the documents is limited compared to a scanned document.

Kodak document conversion centre

Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd is an affiliated Kodak document conversion centre and possesses the latest equipment to ensure excellent high quality images.

Kodak Digital Archive Writer Specialists

Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd will make sure that your critical business documents are properly processed and provide you with a trustworthy copy of an electronic record to validate a transaction that will satisfy and meet regulatory requirements.

Benefits of microfilming

Microfilming produces an identical picture of the original document completely unedited, absolutely accurate and with no possibility of corruption. It is the only medium for permanent, long term retention of original documentation.