Software Integration

Bespoke Software Solutions

Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd has their own CG Gold retrieval software which can be modified to suit customers indexing requirements and retrieval demands. This flexibility has over the years given customers the system that they want and feel confident in using.

Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd Management Software

CG Gold provides a fully indexed data base of images to provide quick document retrieval. It is a tried and tested, user friendly system which is both progressive and robust.

System Compatibility

For customers who do not have CG Gold Retrieval Software, Cosmo Graphis Imaging Ltd can scan and index records in a format that will easily import into a customers own choice of document management software.

Software Development

CG Gold scanning and retrieval software has both client based and web based software options giving it the utmost flexibility. The software can cope with all operating systems used by companies. It has evolved to incorporate the latest encryption devices to protect the data and it conforms to all the latest business regulations that are in forc